The Peanut Gallery



Please check back for upcomming show information

Gallery Rules

1. Only 3 people allowed at all times.

2. Please no drinking or eating. If you wish to drink or eat, may we suggest the mozzarella sticks and White Pike Whiskey next door at McQuaids.

3. When the peanut machine is outside, the gallery is open.

4. Please no loitering.

5. Please no peanut throwing, stomping, and absolutely no peanut allergies.

6. Please no smoking.

7. Please no pictures.

8. Please no firearms. This isn’t so much a rule as it is a law.

9. Please use the bathroom before entering. This isn’t so much a rule as it is a suggestion.

10. Please use inside voices.

11. Please only 10 minutes per visit.

12. No bags larger than 10x10x14.

13. Please do not leave bags unattended.

14. If you see something, say something.

15. No gum.

16. No self-portraits.

17. No direct eye contact.

18. No talking on cellphones or Bluetooth devices.

19. Call your mother.


We’re Mother. A creative agency with an art gallery. We set out to make art a fixture in our 595 11th Avenue office. Space was limited, but we managed to carve out a 5 x 8 foot gallery in our front entrance, appropriately named The Peanut Gallery. As the Chelsea gallery scene migrates up the Hudson, it seems we’re in the right neighborhood.

The Peanut Gallery follows Mother’s tradition of being more than an agency, but a center for culture. Mother’s London office regularly opens its doors to artists and photographers in their ongoing series Downstairs at Mother. After only one year, they’ve already attracted artists such as Martin Parr, Tim Barber, and Elaine Constantine.

With The Peanut Gallery, Mother New York joins our sister office in creating an unexpected home for art. A unique (and small) home, with nineteen rules and a peanut machine. A home that may be one of New York’s quirkiest, creative and just plain cool places to view art.