People are willing to go out of their way to avoid even thinking about their health insurance. But we helped Oscar get people to rethink exactly what a health care company can be – one that’s smart, simple, and pretty funny.


Bringing Calvin Klein back to their provocative roots with a campaign of real stories navigating casual sex and open relationships.


The Philadelphia 76ers have taken the most defiant path in the NBA today, we made Philadelphians wear it like a badge.


Inspired by Vogue. Styled by Target. The fashion ad reinvented.


With Stella Artois we rescue hosting from the stodgy world of silver platters and grandma’s fine china, and bring it to a more contemporary and imaginative place.

Hamptons Picnic Properties

To educate Americans on the perfect setting for Stella Artois’ Cidre variant, we offered them an actual plot of land in the Hamptons—just the size of a picnic blanket.


Sundance Film Festival gets Eclipsed

000 HUSKY_hero

To put a tough tool brand back on the map, we targeted the most important crowd, the folks who sell them.


To launch James Pattersons new book, we decided to blow it up.


Four Seasons Private Residence in Downtown New York.