Microsoft 1MSQFT

Creative types are hard to impress. And please. For Microsoft to reconnect with them, we needed to do a hard reset on what people expected from the brand. So we built One Million Square Feet of Culture (or 1MSQFT for short), a program built on the premise of surveying culture as data, measuring new creations in art, film, music, fashion and food by their physical size.

Pop-up 1MSQFT galleries shared new creations at events around the country from Sundance to New York Fashion Week.

Supporting design language was structured to give the program personality and consistency, while being flexible enough to meet a range of communications needs.

To ensure the new works were original and incredible, we partnered with a range of experts, like Pitchfork, Lucky Peach, and Solange Knowles to curate what was made.

Each event was recapped in an ongoing content series summarized as a “Survey of Culture by Windows.”