This is part of a series of spaces for the One Million Square Feet of Culture project. A series of temporary physical spaces that live on through technology. A survey of culture by Windows, one square foot at a time. With each space guest curated by different cultural experts. 

This is 2346 square feet of art and music in New York City during Fashion Week guest curated by Solange Knowles with Saint Heron.

Performances by Moses Sumney and Kelela along with sets from DJ Lindsey and DJ Kitty Cash (1421 square feet), R&B video karaoke with backdrops by artists Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Terence Nance (109 square feet), an R&B gilded hall by Solange, with gold walls and chains juxtaposed with dancehall speaker stacks, all coming to life as the lights hit the glittering surfaces and the music starts (816 square feet).