Andrew Deitchman

Andrew has done everything from media planning to strategic planning to account management to brand consulting. Before joining Mother, he was a Worldwide Board Director and a human frequent-flier card for WPP’s Red Cell Network. Prior to that, he was a partner at MVBMS/EuroRSCG running Fuel, their 150-person integrated communications division. He started Mother New York in the fall of 2003.

Andrew’s client roster has included Dell, Coca-Cola, Volvo, Delta Airlines, Target, Virgin Mobile, Cheerios, L’Oreal, Milwaukee’s Best, LVMH, Johnson & Johnson, and Black & Decker.

Andrew loves movies, fishing, his truck, his dog, repurposing junk he picks off the streets of New York, and most of all, his wife Heather and 18-month old son Elias.